About Me
I serve clients at every level of their organization, wherever I can be most useful.  Sometimes it’s just a friendly advisor or as a hands-on coach for employees tackling a new challenge. For every assignment, I work with the most appropriate experts in their areas of expertise.

My Experience 
From 1988 to 2009, I served as Vice President of Business Development and co-founder of CareStar Homecare and CareStar Case Management. I led the creation of MyOhiohcp (My Ohio Home Care Program), an online portal system which securely delivers program information and clinical records to over 25,000 consumers and providers in Ohio Homecare Waiver Program. I also created CareStar Learning, an online education site for homecare providers.     

Prior to that, I served as Vice President of National Operations at Integrated Medical Resources and Manager of Caremark Homecare. 

I have an A.B in Management and an A.A in Economics from Thomas More College. I also received an M.B.A.in Management from Xavier University.