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I use a lot of Bottom-up Marketing. It's a concept with no single definition but a few distinct components that set it apart from traditional top-down marketing strategies. Unlike traditional marketing, where executives create a marketing plan and a strategy to promote a company's products and services, bottom-up marketing is mainly driven by the specific customer need or employee suggestions. Then, the company can meet and create a marketing strategy around that single idea.

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Meet Rich Lindhorst

In the third grade my teacher, a nun, told my parents “Richard is very creative” he’ll always find a path to success.” That comment made a big impression on me. It gave me hope as I plowed through my many levels of business experience and education. 

​​My success as corporate intrapreneur and business owner came simply because of a kind words, courage, and being creative.  

Today I help others achieve their goals using the same gifts that made me successful.

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